Facultad de Sociales

Facultad de Ciencias Sociales

Propuesta para Concurso para Complejo de Ciencias Sociales / Campus PUCP

Equipo: Gonzalo Cruz, Jose Marteleira, Olenka Palomino, Alberto Granizo, Mayra Bringas

Consultoria: Alboric, Dr. Alberto Ordoñez

Área: 5600m2

The project starts taking issue with respect to the ground and his status as a meeting place and also as visual positioning into the valley. The building must be factibible being built , linked to a structural system commensurate with the region and energy efficient , as much as possible . The building must accommodate functions fluidly and legibly.

The project is located in the depression in the ground and not on the high side. The decision stems from the analysis we make the program that fits virtually in the lower area . Thus the complete hill project advantage to protect the side walls and generates a natural expansion area formed by the surrounding walls. This will have a compact project with more optimal relationship with its neighbors without blocking the view of the hill.

The project proposes an access from the upper ramp supported by structural porticos formed by the retaining wall and perimeter columns , creating a promenade to the access area . Hence the project becomes a succession of spaces organized around visual, contrasting heights according to the inner function and visual from the frontis , arriving towards the end to the outside patio is surrounded in turn by the ramp ascension of exit.




Campus Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú, San Miguel. Lima - Perú