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Memoria: Industrial Container ThIs project of offices and storage hangar was made for Eurogerm, an alimentary tecnology company based in Lyon, France. It is in the industrial zone of the Callao district, next to the road to the international airport, an office volume is placed to work as a wall beetween the hangar's entrance and the offices, in yellow. The zone itself is a "barrio duro", a dangerous neighborhood with public security issues, that is why the construction process and the whole image of the project is very subtle. The lot has two levels: one for access and the second for discharge. structured wood and the glass partitions make transparency, light and confidence the main concepts of the new office.

Equipo: Gonzalo Cruz, Diego Morales, Rafael Ríos, Emy Carpio (diseño), Teo Zuñiga, Iván Malca (supervisores de obra)
Consultoría: ALBORIC, SANLEC
Fecha: 2015
Lugar: Callao - Perú
Área: 1520 m2

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