Centro Bamiyan

Concurso Centro Bamiyan - Afganistán

Equipo: Gonzalo Cruz, José Marteleira, Olenka Palomino, Mayra Bringas

Área: 37680 m2


The project starts taking issue with respect to the ground and his status as a meeting place and also as a visual positioning into the valley. The building must be recognizable in its materiality, linked to a structural system commensurate with the region and energy efficient, as much as possible thus accommodating the program, the functions, the flows and to be close to the way the Bamiyan people uses a space.

The decision to locate the project in the depression of the ground and not on the high side stems from the analysis we make of the program that, as a whole, fits virtually in the lower area. The complete hill project advantage is to be protected by the side walls and to generate a natural expansion area formed by the surrounding terrain. This way the building generates a compact space without interfering with the surroundings rather “completing” the mountain without blocking the view from the hill. The possibility of interacting with the existing site comes as the main privilege the building wants to add to the landscape.

The project proposes an access from the upper ramp supported by structural porticos formed by the retaining wall and perimeter columns, creating a promenade to the access area. Hence the project becomes a succession of spaces organized around visual, contrasting heights according to the inner function and visual from the frontis, arriving towards the end to the outside patio that is surrounded in turn by the ramp ascension of exit.

The project favors the views of almost all important environments to the hill where the Buddhas are, which is where part of the reconstruction work is located. The aim is to be able of using the building and experience the views towards the Buddha hill. The presence of the new building intends to be discreet, merging with the context rather than “adding“ something else.

While allowing controlled ventilation using wind flow in this area is predominantly North direction, through its facade of brick thick pillars in place supported by a core of concrete structure. South sun is introduced through the perforations of the side walls of smaller thickness to increase heat transfer in winter.

The project concept is based on the linear vectors of the predominant visual as opposed to the artificial lines of the graphical representation of the topography. This allows the use of these alignments to create interiors that provide climate courtyard interiors cushioning and visuals, as well as temporary exhibition areas.




Bamiyan - Afganistán